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About us

Who are we and what we offer?

Larks is an accounting firm with many years of experience of providing bookkeeping and legal services to foreign clients. Bulgaria is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign companies wishing to minimize their business costs. By establishing a company in Bulgaria, your business will enjoy some of the following advantages:

- The lowest tax rate in the European Union: 10%.

- Free access to markets within the European Union.

- Highly skilled manpower with some of Europe’s lowest pay levels.

- Fast and cheap administrative services.

- A variety of investment opportunities and low inflation rate.

These advantages make Bulgaria the most desired destination for emerging foreign companies.


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Our Services

What are we doing best?
Company Formation

Company Formation

Register a company in Bulgaria and help your business grow! 10% corporation tax, cheap administrative services and full access to the EU market.

Accounting services

Accounting services

Professional and cost-effective accounting & bookkeeping services. Your company is in safe hands with Larks. We have experience with companies in various industries.

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Payroll services

Payroll services

Larks provides full payroll accounting services for your employees. We will take care of all the required actions and documents for you and your employees.

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Legal services

Legal services

Larks is proud to offer you the services of some of the best lawyers in Bulgaria. Each and every one of your questions concerning your business will be answered.

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Everything You Want

What else can we offer you?

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Register a company

We offer our clients an opportunity to set up a new company within the territory of Bulgaria with remarkable ease and speed. You don’t even have to be present in Bulgaria. The entire procedure can be carried out online with your assistance.

Bulgaria is among the most preferred countries for registration of a new company because of the low tax rate and the ease of operation and work without hindrance.
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Open bank accounts

The largest European banks operate in Bulgaria’s territory. Larks can assist you in arranging all banking services that your business needs. Opening personal and business accounts, issuing debit and credit cards and online banking are just part of the services you can use in Bulgaria.

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Register an office

With the help of Larks, your company will be able to open an office of its own with the territory of Bulgaria, which is mandatory for the establishment of a company. Part of the services includes mail receipt and dispatch, a telephone number and a fax number.

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Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

Advice on any Bulgarian tax and taxation methods, planning for the minimization of taxes, taxes involved with ownership, accounting and legal services!